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July 4th Theme    Kitten N Pumpkins Theme

Lucky Charms Theme    Mardi Gras Mask Theme

Mean Jack O' Lantern Theme    Memorial Day Theme


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All these Themes contain
wallpaper, cursors, ani-cursors,
sounds, icons, webviews, start,
shut off, and wait logo screens.
Instructions are also included.
Some themes include a font.

Alternate download site if it's
not here or on Themes Unlimited
check here: Theme Shack

Click on the thumbnail picture
to get the download.

Note: If you don't see a hand link
then the theme is not up yet or I
haven't gotten the link coded in yet.

Alphabetical Description List:
July 4th - Memorial Day
  1. July 4th:
    This theme is for the Independance
    day holiday!
    Start Music-Sound Wave: God Bless
    America by Conway Twitty and
    Loretta Lynn! (full version)
    Exit Music-Sound Wave: God Bless The
    U.S.A. (short part)
    Size: 1,407kb or 1.37mb

  2. Kittens N Pumpkins:
    This theme is just the cutest
    for the Halloween season!
    Start Music-Sound Wave: Stray Cat Strut!
    (first part)
    Exit Music-Sound Wave: Sounds of
    the Outdoors!
    Size: 1,381kb or 1.34mb

  3. Lucky Charms:
    This theme is of a lovely Leprechaun
    fairy lady that is scantily clad this is
    NOT for children!
    Start Music\Sound Wave: Irish
    Exit Music\Sound Wave: Irish
    Size: 2,447kb or 2.38mb

    My Lucky Charms Theme won File
    of the day on SAT for 3/5/04.
    Thanks Folks! <<'-)

    Award button created by Elfie Creations
    SAT is no longer in business!

    I submitted my theme to our DTCC
    Showcase for Saint Patricks
    Day on March 17, 2004.

    To go to the DTCC Showcase
    click the Award button:
    Participation Award

    Click picture for the matching
    Lucky Charms Screen Saver.
    Lucky Charms Screen Saver
    Size: 1,282kb or 1.25mb

  4. Mardi Gras Mask:
    This theme is of the Mardi Gras Mask used in New Orleans!
    I made this wallpaper from a
    kewl tutorial by Dee
    Start Music\Sound Wave: Mannequin2!
    (full version)
    Exit Music\Sound Wave: Wild Thing by
    the Trogs! (first part)
    Size: 2,100kb or 2.04mb

    Click picture for the matching
    Mardi Gras Slide Show Screen Saver.
    Mardi Gras Slide Show Screen Saver
    Size: 2,611kb or 2.54mb

    Click picture for the matching
    Mardi Gras Sprites Screen Saver.
    Mardi Gras Sprites Screen Saver
    Size: 579kb

  5. NEW! Mean Jack O' Lantern:
    This theme is of a Jack O' Lantern
    that appears to have become mean
    don't let him suck you inside, LOL!
    Start Music-Sound Wave: Abandon all hope
    ye who enter here!
    Exit Music-Sound Wave: When my work is
    finished I'm coming back for you! (from
    the game WarCraft.)
    1,607kb or 1.57mb

  6. Memorial Day:
    This theme is to honor those folks that
    lost they're lives in the act of serving
    their country and also for those
    unfortunate loved ones that never
    made it out of the holocaust on
    September 11, 2001!
    Start Music-Sound Wave: God Bless
    The U.S.A.! (full version)
    Exit Music-Sound Wave: Marines Marching
    Song! (full version)
    Size: 1,164kb or 1.13mb

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