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A Peaceful Easter Theme    An Easter Angel Theme

Angel Prayer Theme    Asiatic Lily Theme

Backyard Theme    Blossoms Theme


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All these Themes contain
wallpaper, cursors, ani-cursors,
sounds, icons, webviews, start,
shut off, and wait logo screens.
Instructions are also included.
Some themes include a font.

Alternate download site if it's
not here or on Themes Unlimited
check here: Theme Shack

Click on the thumbnail picture
to get the download.

Note: If you don't see a hand link
then the theme is not up yet or I
haven't gotten the link coded in yet.

Alphabetical Description List:
A Peaceful Easter - Blossoms
  1. A Peaceful Easter:
    This theme is for the Easter holiday!
    Looks just like a card on your desktop!
    Start Music-Sounb Wave: He Is Risen!
    (First Part)
    Exit Music-Sound Wave: Instramental & Voices!
    Size: 1,337kb or 1.30mb

  2. An Easter Angel:
    This theme is of a lovely angel among blooms & eggs!
    Start Music: Instrumental
    Exit Sound Wave: Ok! I love ya buh bye! (Sound wave from a cartoon)
    Size: 1,143kb or 1.11mb

  3. Angel Prayer:
    This theme is of a pretty Angel
    at prayer on a garden bench!
    Start Music: Instrumental!
    Exit Music: Instrumental!
    Size: 1,505kb or 1.45mb

  4. NEW! Asiatic Lily:
    This theme is of a gorgeous lily in
    Helen's garden!
    Thanks Helen for letting me use
    your wallpaper for
    this theme! <<'-)
    Start Music-Sounb Wave: Sounds of
    Birds Chirping!
    Exit Music-Sound Wave: Sounds of
    Frogs and Crickets at Night!
    Size: 1,865kb or 1.82mb

    NEW! Asiatic Lily Screen Saver:
    Don't forget to download the matching
    Screen Saver for this theme!
    This Screen Saver has rain falling
    and rivulets of water flowing off
    the blossoms.
    Rain Drops Keep Falling on my
    Head song plays continuously.
    Asiatic Lily Screen Saver

    Size: 540kb

    Don't forget to Download the matching
    I. E. Toolbar!
    NEW! Asiatic Lily I. E. Toolbar 1024:
    Asiatic Lily I. E. Toolbar 1024
    Size: 242kb
    NEW! Asiatic Lily I. E. Toolbar 800:
    Asiatic Lily I. E. Toolbar 800
    Size: 206kb

  5. Backyard:
    This theme is of a lovely backyard!
    Start Music: Theme music from
    the Maniquin 2! (Full Version)
    Exit Music: What A Wonderful World
    (First Part)
    Size: 1,895kb or 1.84mb

  6. Blossoms:
    This theme is of a pretty littl scene
    with dogwood blossoms!
    Start Music: Truley Madley Deeply
    (first part)
    Exit Music: What a wonderful world
    (first part)
    Size: 934kb

    NEW! Blossoms Stationery for IncrediMail:
    Don't forget to Download the
    matching stationery for I.M.!
    Got this one done before I lost
    my Letter Creator.
    Blossoms Stationery for I.M.
    Size: 41kb

Elfie Creations created all Backgrounds,
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