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All these Themes contain
wallpaper, cursors, ani-cursors,
sounds, icons, webviews, start,
shut off, and wait logo screens.
Instructions are also included.
Some themes include a font.

Alternate download site if it's
not here or on Themes Unlimited
check here: Theme Shack

Click on the thumbnail picture
to get the download.

Note: If you don't see a hand link
then the theme is not up yet or I
haven't gotten the link coded in yet.

Alphabetical Description List:
Delicate Dragons - Dwarves Of Belegost
  1. Delicate Dragons:
    This theme is of the cutest
    little Dragons sitting on a
    fairies hand and all around her!
    The artist is Lisa Jane I created
    the wallpaper by using tubes of
    dragons and stars!
    Start Music: Puff the Magic Dragon!
    (first part)
    Exit Music: The Musicbox Dancer
    (first part)
    Size: 1,512kb or 1.47mb

  2. Dragon Heart:
    This theme is of that powerful
    of all Dragons and the last of
    his kind left to roam the earth, Draco!
    6 wallpapers 2 of each size
    800x600 and 1024x768 for
    a total of 12 in this theme pkg.
    Start Sound Wave: Draco talking
    about the girl sacrifice!
    Exit Sound Wave: Draco saying
    you should quit while your ahead!
    Size: 2,451kb or 2.39mb

  3. Dragon Mistress:
    This theme is of A Woman
    and her Dragons!
    Note: I created the wallpaper
    from a tutorial and tubes!
    Start Music: Instrumental!
    Exit Music: A Strange sounding
    sound wave, Fuse End!
    Size: 2,209kb or 2.15mb

  4. Dragons Sea Night:
    This theme is a Sea of
    Dragons at Night!
    Start Music: Death!
    Exit Music: Dragon!
    ( This sound wave is from the movie Excalibur)
    Size: 1,459kb or 1.42mb

  5. Dragons Tail:
    This theme is a Fractal that
    looks like a Dragons Tail!
    Start Music: Puff the Magic Dragon
    by The Carpenters! (full version)
    Exit Music: Instrumental!
    Size: 2,436kb or 2.37mb

    My Dragon's Tail theme won
    File Of The Day 5/16/02
    on Screens And Themes also!
    Thanks Folks! <<'-)
    Screens And Themes is no
    longer in Business! <<:-(

    Screens & Themes Site
    Graphic Award By Elfie Creations

  6. Dwarves Of Belegost:
    This theme is the Dwarves of
    Belegost defending themselves
    from the evil dragon!
    Start Music: Fire Storm sounds
    of fire and storm combo
    Exit Music: When my
    work is finished
    I'm coming back for
    you sound wave
    Size: 1,339kb or 1.30mb

Elfie Creations created all Backgrounds,
Bars & Buttons on this page.