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Wiz Spell Caster Theme    Wiz N Dragon Theme

Yogioh Theme


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All these Themes contain
wallpaper, cursors, ani-cursors,
sounds, icons, webviews, start,
shut off, and wait logo screens.
Instructions are also included.
Some themes include a font.

Alternate download site if it's
not here or on Themes Unlimited
check here: Theme Shack

Click on the thumbnail picture
to get the download.

Note: If you don't see a hand link
then the theme is not up yet or I
haven't gotten the link coded in yet.

Alphabetical Description List:
Wiz Spell Caster - Yu-Gi-Oh
  1. NEW! Wiz Spell Caster:
    This theme is of a Wizard
    casting an awesome spell!
    Start Music: Intrumental!
    Exit Music: Instrumental!
    Size: 2,609kb or 2.54mb

  2. NEW! Wiz N Dragon:
    This theme is of a Wizard
    fighting off a Dragon!
    Start Music: Intrumental
    Evil Theme! (full version)
    Exit Music: Instrumental
    Surrender Battle! (full version)
    Size: 1,754kb or 1.71mb

  3. Yu-Gi-Oh:
    This theme is for those Yugioh
    game fanatics out there!
    Also created this theme for my
    oldest grandson he loves it, LOL!
    Start Music\Sound Wave: Themes song
    from Yugioh! (full version)
    Exit Music\Sound Wave: Instrumental!
    Size: 1,676kb or 1.63mb

    My Yu-Gi-Oh theme won
    File Of The Day 7/12/03
    on Screens And Themes!
    Thanks Folks!
    SAT is no longer in business!
    Elfie Creations
    Graphic Award By Elfie Creations

    NEW! Swords Sprite Screen Saver:
    Swords Sprite Screen Saver
    Download this screen saver for your
    war and wizard themes it has swords
    floating about and banging into each
    This one is transparent no backdrop
    image so it will go with any sword
    fight wallpaper.
    Sound Wave: Sounds of swords clanging
    into each other when they meet continously!
    (From a fantasy game.)
    Size: 332kb

Elfie Creations created all Backgrounds,
Bars & Buttons on this page.