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 ANIMALS Wil - Wint 

Wild Waters Theme    Window On Eagles Theme

Winter Colors Theme    Winter In Eden 2 Theme


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All these Themes contain
wallpaper, cursors, ani-cursors,
sounds, icons, webviews, start,
shut off, and wait logo screens.
Instructions are also included.
Some themes include a font.

Alternate download site if it's
not here or on Themes Unlimited
check here: Elfie Creations at Theme Shack

Click on the thumbnail picture
to get the download.

Note: If you don't see a hand link
then the theme is not up yet or I
haven't gotten the link coded in yet.

Alphabetical Description List:
Wild Waters - Winter In Eden 2
  1. Wild Waters:
    This theme is for those horse lovers!
    Start Music: Commanche
    (a country song ballad about a horse full version)
    Exit Music: Ocean sounds
    Size: 1,154kb or 1.12mb

  2. Window On Eagles:
    This theme is for you Eagle lovers!
    Start Music-Sound Wave: The Eagle!
    (full version)
    Exit Music: Instrumental!
    Size: 1,940kb or 1.89mb

  3. Winter Colors:
    This theme is for the winter time
    with two lovely cardinals perched
    outside a cabin in the woods!
    Start Music: Instrumental Snow!
    Exit Music: The Wind Beneath
    Your Wings! (first part)
    Size: 1,854kb or 1.80mb

  4. Winter In Eden 2:
    This theme is for the folks that
    enjoy the look of the Everglades!
    But it isn't, I scanned this picture
    from the book of this title.
    Start Music: Welcome To The Jungle
    by Guns N' Roses (full version)
    Exit Music: Outdoor (music with
    nature sounds)
    Size: 1,981kb or 1.93mb

Elfie Creations created all Backgrounds,
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